Like steak? What if I told you: It’s glue!

Yeah, I didn’t believe it either, but this video is proof. Want to fake a steak? Then glue is how it’s done. Let me explain:

By products are recycled in all industries, however this is a new low for the meat industry in general.

Transglutaminase, a type of glue made from discarded waste product of other animals, is used to glue smaller pieces of low quality meat into bigger ones.

After the scrap meat is glued together, it can be resold to major brands and labels as “real” meat. They are  recycling smaller throw-away pieces of meat that nobody would ordinarily eat.

This is a very disturbing picture for consumers.  Watch this video and learn the truth about those steaks — and how to avoid being fooled.

What do you think about this? Should restaurants be required to tell you the truth about their food or do you think this is ok?