Mechanic Hits Brakes While Driving On Side Of Road, Then Makes Horrifying Realization

Bryant Collins has taken some bad decisions in his life, many of them have placed him in very bad spots throughout his life, one of which landed him in jail; the charge: manufacturing and possession of cocaine, a federal crime that usually is accompanied by a very hefty sentence.

Many people believe that prison makes ‘bad guys’ even worse, but in Bryant’s case, that is the place where he found a way out to the lifestyle he had been living, that is where he found God. After a world of bad decisions, he knew he needed to make changes in his life because the way it was heading, it would not bring any good to him.

So, a change for the good he did. He cleaned his act up and the day when he finally did him time came. He got a job as an auto-mechanic and was thankful that he has gotten this new chance in life. He is a man who believes that in this life you can do as much good as you can do bad.

One day, he was talking care of his own things while driving on the highway, when he saw something that caught his eye, he slowed down, but still could not make out what it was, so he finally stopped and went out of his truck to find out. Thinking it was some sort of animal that he might maybe scare back out of the road and out of harm’s way, he found out that it was something, or better yet someone very different.

It was a little baby girl that had found her way 300 yards away from her home, crawling to the side of the road where she could have met her fate. Bryant picked up the baby and although at first the baby appeared to be calm, she started getting distressed, and he did the only thing he felt he could do, he played some gospel music for her on his cellphone. “Gospel music always calms me down”, he thought, so he figured it might have the same effect on her.

Surprisingly, it did. After only a few minutes the baby had calmed down. But now that he had the baby, what would Bryant do? After a while in jail, is he really reformed? Is he really to be trusted anywhere near anyone’s baby? What he did next would prove if he had truly mended his ways.