Medicine Hat Filly With Magical Powers Makes Herd Go Coconuts. What Will Happen Next? Crazy!

We live in a rich and diverse country with a few cultures that stretch back thousands of years. Many Native American cultures would view the filly’s birth as a good omen. This is because when the horse was going into labor, she had to be placed in a clean stall away from the herd due to the built up excitement.

When the baby was born, the humans noticed it was born with a rare pattern – one that is known as ‘Medicine Hat’. This pattern is identified by many cultures to be a very rare design, which makes the animal special and mysterious. In fact, some legends say that the rider borne by this animal would be safe from harm in battle. These kinds of horses are very highly prized now, as they were hundreds of years ago.

Named Coconut, this little filly symbolized the family’s newest good luck charm. After two days of being cooped up in a stall, the little magical pony finally got to view the outside world as she ran around a pen, with her watchful proud mother ever by her side. Even the other horses seemed to come and pay homage to the new born, as if in recognition of the specialness of the little one.

This is an adorable video that seems that capture the best of the imagination and reality, of the magic of life and of the preciousness of birth. I loved watching the filly race around, making her mum tirelessly pace next to her – just like how any mother does. What did you think of the video? Are there any animal legends or stories that you would like to share from your culture? We’d love to hear from you in our comments section below!

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