Meet Chaser, The Smartest Dog Alive, With A Vocabulary Of Over 1,000 Words!

As you probably already know, dogs are much more than just cute friends that like to spend time with us. Maybe some of them consider them one part of their lives, but for them, us pet parents are the dog’s whole life. Dogs can reach very high levels of intelligence, and they have a way to get along with humans that no other animal in this world has ever achieved. The following video shows us a special instance of a border collie, who recently got famous on TV when he displayed his amazing skills on a segment of the TV show “60 Minutes”. He’s been labeled as the smartest dog in the world!

He’s been gaining a lot of fame all over the world thanks to his appearances on TV and on the internet, and now you can meet him for yourself! Chaser has the amazing ability to comprehend and remember over 1,000 words, just like a human would! Dogs might not be able to physically speak, but do not be mistaken: just like any toddler would, they can learn words just from hearing them from us, and as far as this pup knows, the memory and smartness needed to learn vocabulary just like a person is right at the reach of his paws!

Watch this incredible dog’s intellect in the clip right below!

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