Meet the disabled little girl that’s melting millions of hearts with her dance moves

People with disabilities have it tough sometimes. I’ve had a lot of friends who live with a disability and have heard all sorts of stories. From the warm and cuddly ones to the ones that make you ask yourself just how civilized we are as human beings, and how much compassion we can show for all those who are less fortunate. Many of them suffer great moments of discrimination in their everyday life. Take for starters the fact that buildings and offices do not have the correct modifications for people in a wheelchair. You’re probably thinking, “hey, I’ve seen those ramps, all the office buildings have them.” Yes, they do, but they don’t have enough of them. It is usually one of them per building, not per entrance. And even in that case, there’s always that person who is just going to a ‘quick’ errand and ends up blocking it.

On the other hand, pretty much everything else is made for people without disabilities. Have you tried to wash your hands in a public bathroom while sitting in a chair? I can assure you it’s not fun. I gave it a try and failed miserably, I fell out of my chair. And this is the type of things that they must live with on a regular basis. Once I asked one my friends in this situation how he managed to cope with it every day. He told me that it’s something you learn to accept and carry on with your life.

I have one other friend that has a different outlook on life. He was born outside of the United States, in a town in South America. Ever since he was a little boy he knew he wanted to live here. He didn’t have a lot of resources but was determined to use all the ones he had at his disposal and reach his dreams. He didn’t let his disability stop him. He enrolled in school and started focusing on getting the best grades possible.

While there would be other people who were waiting for the weekend to arrive, so they could party all out, he would be reviewing his notes and getting ready for the following week. He managed to graduate with honors and did so well that he was offered a scholarship for advanced mathematics in a university in the United States through a student exchange program. He became a U.S. Citizen a few years later, and now owns an Internet Security business. It this unbreakable spirit that moves mountains and makes people with disabilities even more capable than you and me. The next video features a very sweet girl. Even though she has a disability, this has not been a deterrent for her to forget about her dreams. Many people believe that this video should not be posted, others think that it stands as the testimony of what a fearless attitude and a will to live truly are. You decide!