Meet Klinger! The Starling Hatchling That Was Saved From His Fate!

Sometimes you just have to be in the right place at the right time in order to be able to make a difference in a creature’s life. It’s amazing when you are able to take in a poor animal that no longer has a mother, by saving their life you gain a lifelong companion as long as you raise them with care and respect. Well in today’s story Susan Hickman was able to save the life of a little guy in an amazing way. About a year ago she came across Starling’s egg the lied racked on the ground. She was shocked to see a hatchling was emerging from it. She couldn’t spot any nest around the area, so she decided to take charge. She named the little guy Klinger and tried her best to give him his chance of survival. The video below features Klinger’s one year journey.

Experts were skeptical about Klinger surviving the whole uphill battle; they let Susan know that her efforts would probably go to waste in the end. However she did not give up, Klinger had all his needs met and then some! Susan made sure that all of them were fulfilled.

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