Meet Lil Bub, The Cutest Internet Cat Who Is Not Like All The Others

Some animals are just rare and special, either because of their personalities or how they make people feel. For some people, furry little felines are the best companions there are. Take this adorable cat, Lil Bub. He may appear to be like an ordinary cat, but prepare to be amazed. At first glance, Lil Bub just seems furry and cute. But then, if you pay a bit more attention to Lil Bub, that’s when you will see some little things that make this feline very special.

Lil Bub never had any teeth, which is why his tongue always sticks out. But this is only one of his truly unique qualities. Something else that makes him different from all the other cats is that he has extra toes on each one of his paws. But even those two physical characteristics are not what make Lil Bub truly who he is. What’s really special about Lil Bub is his energy. You can sense it just by looking at him!

Lil Bub’s owner is a firm believer in adopting and rescuing a pet if you want one, rather than buying from a breeder. So lucky for Lil Bub, this pet owner came along just when Lil Bub needed a human the most. This pet owner changed Lil Bub’s life forever and when Lil Bub figured out he was safe in a forever home, that’s when his dynamic personality came shining through. It’s so heartwarming to see how much care and love this little furry friend receives and gives back!

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