Meet Mariona! This Adorable Boar Piglet Was Rescued After Her Mom’s Death!

It doesn’t matter how disillusioned you feel towards the current chaotic state of the world. Even if you are feeling hopeless, there is one universal truth: baby animals are adorable!  Watching videos of little furry friend giving their first steps in life
don’t think I’ve ever finished watching a cute clip without a smile on my face!

Taking into account that no matter the shape, size, or species,  all animals are beautiful in their own special way, I think that we can all agree that baby mammals are the biggest advocates of  the animal kingdom’s talent for producing unbelievable amounts of cuteness.

Scientific studies have proven that humans have a soft spot for baby mammals because of their similarities with our own babies. This makes perfect sense and it’s always heartwarming to find species that we are not so familiar with to fawn over!
For example take the boar piglet in the following clip.

You hear that right, a boar piglet, the Santuario Gaia in Spain, put togethis is absolutely sweet video of this little piglet. The organization works hard to rescue animals from all sorts of bad living situations, ranging from adopting homeless cats and dogs to rescuing farm animals from abuse.

Please watch and share this video of baby Mariona!

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