Meet Paris In Possibly The Cutest Cat Video You Will See This Week

This is certainly a video you should not miss out on. It is sure to be the comic relief you need at the end of a long work day. The kitten in this clip is so playful and full of life that she is sure to put a smile on your face and touch your heart as she plays with her favorite toy. This kitty is so tiny that everything she does is cute, especially when she attacks a blue ball with all her might.

Even as the newest member of the family, this cat tries to go straight to the top of the hierarchy so she can be in charge. Clearly she believes she is successful. She definitely asserts herself! Watch how she even tries to steal her new adoptive mom’s food away from her, and even though she has no chance at success, it is just too cute not to watch. You will play this clip over and over.

Cute cat videos like this one remind me of all the people I know who adopted a new pet and reaped the rewards immediately. Over time, usually a very short time, these pets become important members of the family, and this little kitty aims to be the most important part of this family sooner rather than later! She is nothing if not persistent and determined!

Watch this adorable video right below. I’m sure you’ll love it just as much as we did! Remember to share the video on Facebook!

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