Meet Paris: Possibly The Cutest Cat Video You Will Watch This Week!

Well dear me, this is one of the videos you just shouldn’t miss out on. The kitten that appears in the following clip is very adorable and playful, and she will put a big smile on your face when you watch the way he plays with his favorite toy. She attacks a blue ball, but since she’s, of course, very tiny, it looks completely cute and not aggressive at all.

She tries to get to the top of the food chain in the house right away, even as the newest member of the family. You can watch how she tries to steal her adoptive mommy’s food away from her, and even though she’s obviously way out of her league, she tries as hard as he can, and it’s just too adorable. You’ll be replaying this video over and over!

I just love to watch adorable cat videos like this one, they remind me of those beautiful times when you have just adopted a new cat, and little by little he becomes a part of your family, and of your life.

Watch this adorable video right below, I’m sure you’ll love it just as much as we did! Remember to share the vid on Facebook!

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