Meet Ruggles, The Most Adorable Rescue Puppy You’ll See! Your Heart Will Melt!

It’s hard to guess from Ruggles adorable appearance the harsh life that he’s had. Ruggles is an absolutely cute Shih-Tzu who was rescued from a very tough life. This little one was part of a horrible puppy mill, where he and the other pups, were treated poorly and the conditions were absolutely cruel. The facility was so bad that it had to be busted by the local authorities and that’s how Ruggles came to live in the shelter and finally was able to live a normal, fun filled, happy life.

It’s always incredibly sad to hear about stories like Ruggles’ but to every sad tale there is a positive side! Thankfully, Ruggles was taken into a very kind home filled with loving humans. He made a complete recovery and as is adorable and happy as any puppy deserves to be!

Rescue puppies are incredibly sweet pets, the following video is proof of that. It might take some time to get them to warm up to you, special care and above all a lot of patience, to allow the puppy to regain trust and confidence, however you’ll see just how much love and care can do for an abused animal!

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