Meet Stella, The World’s Quirkiest Dog!

I think dogs do have a penchant for quirkiness. They gambol around, are playful, cute as a button, and sometimes do crazy things. You think that there may be something wrong with them, but these dogs are just born with it.

Meet Stella, who could possibly take the prize for being the world’s most quirkiest dog. Looking at what her average day is like, I feel pretty sure she won’t have much competition for the position. I loved the simplicity of her life – the way she runs head first enthusiastically into a leaf pile. The owner has done a bit of yard work and it’s something that probably tempts many of us. But dang being a grown up! I would love to give in and do some of the stuff Stella does.

You should check out the way she uses her doggy brakes. The dog is so active that her body heats up and to cool herself down after a run, she uses her doggy brakes. She slows down and then rests her back feet. I’m not sure if I can explain it well, so you just have to watch it to really understand.

Not to worry, she’s been tested for EIC, so she doesn’t suffer from any medical issues; it’s just her being her quirky self. But I love it! How about you? Do you have a pet and is your pet as adorable and cuckoo? Do you have stories you would like to share with us? Tell us what you think about the video! We love hearing from you!

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