Meet The Woman Who Was ‘Locked In’ Her Own Body For 4 Years But Recovered

Victoria Arlen spent 4 years trapped in her own body, awake and aware but unable to speak or move. Her story is one of strength, love, and determination to overcome.

From the time she was 11 until she was 15, Victoria was locked in, as she calls it, a victim of two rare autoimmune diseases that kept her from moving or speaking. She says that she spent each day looking for things to be grateful for.

The day she really focused her determination on getting better was the day she saw her mother break down in tears in the hospital room, but she was unable to respond. It was then that she said to herself she would not let her illness beat her.

Even once she was able to move again, the process of recovery was a long one. Victoria spent 6 months learning how to use her body again, and then 10 years in a wheelchair unable to walk.

Then Victoria recovered the ability to use her legs, and even went on to star in the 2018 season of ‘Dancing With The Stars.’ Her miracle recovery is extraordinary, but it’s her determination to overcome her challenges that is the real inspiration here. Throughout her ordeal, she never let her situation overcome her strength of character. Victoria is a walking, talking — and dancing — a testament to the power of perseverance.

Meet The Woman Who Was ‘Locked In’ Her Own Body For 4 Years But Recovered