Meet the UK’s newest five foot baby giraffe

The labour of motherhood may be hard, but the reward is worth the effort. For mothers everywhere, welcoming new life to this world can be a tough labour of love, but for certain animals, they have perfected the art of giving birth to a ‘T’.

Giraffes are the tallest animals on Earth and when they bring their babies to this world, they take their time. They have developed a whole range of arsenal to protect their little unborn ones. In the wild, it is the survival of the fittest and young ones are always the most vulnerable to attack.

This is why mama giraffes hide their pregnancies until the baby probably starts to show. And when they do, they start off with a mini sky dive to the ground. Dropped from a height of six feet, Orla’s calf was born after a four hour labour and crashed to the ground. But soon the rare Rothchild giraffe calf was on its feet.

Bringing the 15 month pregnancy to a joyful end, the calf still has to be named and the sex is still yet to be determined, but the team at Chester Zoo are over the moon with their newest addition to the giraffe family.

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