He Meets A Huge Horse For The First Time, And They Form An Immediate Bond

Dogs are very famous all around the world for being the best friend that any person could ever have, but if there was any other animal that could ever contest that position, I would say it is probably horses. There is something very majestic about the relationship that they have always had with humankind. We have relied on them for their strength and loyalty for many centuries and will continue to do so for many more because not only can they help us with work, they provide companionship and loyalty in a way that is similar to that of dogs and cats.

They can be companions, transportation, emotional therapy, sports and dancing partners, and even hilarious actors and performers. There is just an endless list of wonderful things that our equine friends can do. The video below is a beautiful demonstration of the bond that horses can develop with people, even immediately after meeting them.

The following clip shows a horse reacting hilariously to a neck rub given by his new pal. There is nothing in this world that he loves more than neck rubs, and even though the horse just met this man seconds ago, he is not shy to show his most fervent affection to him! I’ve never seen a horse be so loving with a human being before!

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