These Men Carried A Leopard In A Cage On Their Backs. The Reason Why Will Leave You Stunned…

In this video a team of villagers and forest officials in Karnataka, India, saved a Leopard that has found itself stuck down a well. The video creators said, “Officials of the Forest Department suspect that the leopard, estimated to be two to three years old, must have mistakenly jumped into it in the dark.”

This seven minute video shows the incredibly tense moments leading up to the rescue of this beautiful animal. They had to rescue the animals and protect themselves at the same time.

They sent down a ladder device whilst also using a thick net over the top of the well. With care, they were able to guide the leopard into a cage. Once the leopard was secured in a cage and on the back of a truck it was then taken to be checked for any injuries and released back into the wild.

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