These Men Lined On Stage To Dance. But When The Music Starts? EVERYONE Just Has To Dance!

Remember the times when your dad started showing off his moves on the dance floor and all you could do was roll away to a corner out of shame? Many kids feel that way when they see their parents dance. But I am sure the children of these awesome dads are not in that group! The group featured in the video below is making “dad-dancing” cool!

Old Men Grooving, OMG as they call themselves, is a group of dads and granddads that have taken the world by storm by their brilliant routine on Britain’s Got Talent. They were formed in 2014 for Sainsbury’s Christmas advertisement. These men might be old, but when they start dancing, it just doesn’t show! Their moves are beyond incredible!

This routine by OMG is called The Christmas Jumpers because they are all wearing ugly Christmas sweaters, which I just find hilarious. The music starts and they start popping and grooving! I couldn’t believe it! At least two of these men must be over 65, yet they are dancing and moving like much younger men. I think dancing must keep their spirits and bodies young.

You have to see these guys perform. It is truly entertaining and they are surprisingly good dancers, and I don’t mean for their age! They are just good dancers! This is great entertainment.

Watch OMG in the video below! What are your thoughts on this great act? Please share them in the comments section! We would love to hear from you!

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