Mercedes-Benz Showcases The Comfort Of Their Car With A Child’s Journey

Mercedes-Benz is known to be luxury comfort cars, but how do you convey this to a market that already has a sense of your value? Well, Mercedes, Germany came up with an answer, and it’s utterly brilliant.

This German commercial by Mercedes-Benz has to be one of the wittiest takes on a clip that appears to be a traditional heartwarming classic that you’ll ever see, and it all starts with a little boy who seems a little less than lost.

The child sneaks out of his home and wanders the streets of Germany at night, even stopping to enjoy a sandwich and the night lights of the city. He ventures further and further until finally finding himself in front of his local police station.

After telling the officer that he is lost, it all suddenly becomes clear. If this ad is right, once you’ve been in a 2013 Mercedes-Benz, you’ll do anything else to feel that comfort again.