Does a Mercedes deserve two spaces? Not according to the parking lot avengers

When you see an expensive car illegally parked, it’s so exasperating, it’s almost funny. Perhaps people who are wealthy enough to afford a luxury vehicle have a sense of entitlement: so high and mighty they need not obey parking rules. These people have such a sense of self-importance that they feel no remorse about getting in the way of others — double-parking is one of their specialties.

As you’ll see in the video posted below, parking properly apparently wasn’t a priority for the driver of a Mercedes mini-SUV. He simply pulled in and parked right on top of the white line, hogging two spaces. Perhaps he thought it should have been obvious to the rest of us: if someone can afford a Mercedes, they deserve more asphalt-covered real estate! The rest of us beg to differ. Even if it had been a parking lot where you have to pay and he’d paid for both spots, that would in questionable taste. In any case, that’s not what’s going on here.

But not to worry! Justice was done. You see, there are parking lot avengers who are dedicated to punishing just this kind of inconsiderate behavior. They can sense an excessive sense of entitlement from across a large lot. Not even the most inflated ego is safe: indeed, that’s just what they’re looking for. This time, the parking lot avengers swooped in with two enormous jeeps.

The Mercedes driver was at the mall to look for something in an electronics store. Apparently it wasn’t in stock, so this was a fool’s errand, to put it mildly. He returns to his parking spots only to find that those two huge jeeps have sidled up right next to his Mercedes. The avengers have been careful not to actually touch his car, so the Mercedes driver will be able to pull out. But first he has to get into his vehicle and that’s going to be a challenge!

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