This Adorable Little Kitten Only Has 2 Legs, But He Knows How To Live Life! HEARTWARMING!

This super cute kitten, Mercury, is unfortunately left with two legs and paws. That doesn’t stop him from getting supper excited and playful, besides he is only a little kitty.

It’s actually really clever as to how he’s adapted to being bipedal like us humans, resting most of his weight on his hocks so that they act like heels. Isn’t he AMAZING!

When this video starts, we expect to see him playing with his toys but as the video continues we discover and witness Mercury’s preferences!

Mercury doesn’t want those shiny play balls. No ma’am! Instead, he opts for the loving hand of his mommy, rubbing continuously on the palm of his lucky mommy. Isn’t that sweet? I know I want to hug Mercury, he is a kitty full of love for his family.

Of course his mommy cannot bypass Mercury’s insistence and she goes on with rubbing his little ears and furry head. Mercury is soooo cute! Share this video with your friends!

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