Merle Haggard does impressions of Johnny Cash and other country music stars

“How about doing Marty Robbins,” Glen Campbell says to his guest, Merle Haggard. “Are you one of them impression freaks?” replies Merle, drawing a wave of laughter from the crowd.

The pair banter back and forth for a few moments before breaking into a cover of “Devil Woman” by Marty Robbins. Merle nails this impression, and you can tell he knows it: his face instantly perks up as he begins playing.

Next, Campbell asks Merle to do an impression of Hank Snow, so they two begin to play the 1950 standard “I’m Moving On.” Instantly, you can tell how much Merle has changed his voice.

In fact, if you were to close your eyes, you’d swear it was someone else singing! Once again, the crowd loves it, responding in turn with a big round of applause for the impression.

After that impression is over, Campbell requests an impression of Buck Owens, so they begin to play “Love’s Gonna Live Here.” This song has a special surprise, though, as Buck himself jumps on stage to sing alongside Merle (who’s performing an impression of him).

Once the two wrap up their short bit, Buck tells Merle that he loves his impression: “why don’t you do Johnny for me?” Merle’s face goes from serious to a smile as he says, “Johnny Cash? He’d kill me.”

Of course, he performs the impression anyway, and—as the crowd goes wild—Johnny Cash himself joins Merle to finish the performance of “Jackson.” If you miss the country music of the olden days, you’re sure to love this video: the pure talent and passion make it a must-watch!

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Merle Haggard does impressions of Johnny Cash and other country music stars