They met at the college cafeteria and married nearly 50 years later

Life doesn’t always work out the way you hope or expect. You have everything mentally mapped out and then fate throws a curveball. Occasionally, fate will surprise you again and put things back on track.

The story of Janice Rude and Prentiss Willson is an incredible example of a twist of fate twisting back. The two were students at Occidental College when they met in 1961. She was working part-time in the college cafeteria to help pay her bills and it was while serving up lunch one day that she noticed Prentiss. When their eyes met, the effect was electric. Prentiss suddenly became a very regular customer, not so much for the cafeteria food but to see Janice. What he didn’t know was that she was just as eager to see him.

Janice was surprised that Prentiss didn’t turn up for the pre-Thanksgiving dinner. A friend told her he was at his family’s house, 150 miles away. Finally realizing just how strong her love for him was, Janice decided she had to hop in her car and go see him. “That was bold for me.” By 1962, their engagement notice was printed in the local newspaper. But then fate, specifically Janice’s father, threw a curveball. For whatever reason, he didn’t approve of the marriage and said she had to stop seeing Prentiss or he wouldn’t pay her tuition. Janice was crushed, but had to obey. “It wasn’t going to work for me. I had to get a college degree.”

Decades later, Janice and Prentiss each discovered that their moms (who never met) had kept a copy of the engagement announcement. It was as if they knew it was meant to be. In due course, Janice and Prentiss got in touch and met up. Both were now single and the spark was still there! Finally, 49 years after they first met, the two were married.

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