A Meter Maid Mistreats A Homeless War Veteran, But Keep Your Eyes On The Kid Beside Him

There are lots of homeless people in the world, maybe even in your town, and unfortunately, most of us have gotten so used to seeing them that we are really indifferent towards them. It’s also possible that while we see them, we just don’t know what to do to help them. Giving them spare change just doesn’t seem like much of a help. This video features a social experiment which was carried out by the YouTube channel MoeAndET. They wanted to find out how people would respond to a homeless man versus a homeless child.

A little boy was set up to be a homeless kid. He then went on to sit on the sidewalk with an actual homeless man. It is heart-warming to see many passers-by stop and give him some money. Some even offered him hugs and kisses. But wait till you see how the homeless adult was treated. I had no idea that the world was this cruel. The poor guy, who actually turned out to be veteran, was belittled for his condition, even by a meter maid.

The results of this social experiment are quite shocking and disturbing. It’s as if we expect adults to be able to prevent being homeless while children have no choice in the matter, but this is simply not true.

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