Michael Bublé Sings a Rendition of ‘White Christmas’ Just Like The Ones We Used To Know

The Animated Video for 'White Christmas' by Michael Bublé'Michael Bublé’s all-new official animated video for his holiday track ‘White Christmas’ is precisely what every home needs to raise cheer in preparation for the big day. For many, the season just isn’t jolly without this beloved artist’s songs to inspire togetherness & tradition. The stop motion animated video serves as the perfect accompaniment to this uplifting holiday staple.

Stop motion Michael is transported into a land where Christmas reigns supreme. With backgrounds filled with Christmas trees, reindeer and penguins, and song & dance that characteristic to our favorite singer, there’s absolutely nothing missing from this animated performance. Even his signature slide is there!

This animated video is filled with ‘easter eggs’ for all the fans out there, so watch carefully! Each item in this stop motion masterpiece was handcrafted by a team of artists working in collaboration with Michael Bublé. His version of ‘White Christmas’ gives us yet another fantastic timeless track, this time with hilarious visuals, to add to our Xmas collection.

Michael Bublé Sings a Rendition of \'White Christmas\' Just Like The Ones We Used To Know