Michael Buble’s “I’ll Never Not Love You” is a cute homage to romance in cinema

Michael Buble has a voice made for love songs. His hit ballad “I’ll Never Not Love You” is a beautiful homage to love stories everywhere. In fact, it features quite a few famous ones.

The music video features Buble and his wife Luisana Lopilato starring as the various couples in different movies. They start off as Rick and Ilsa from one of the greatest love stories ever filmed – Casablanca.

The music video progresses through more romantic movies such as Titanic, The Princess Bride, Love Actually, Sixteen Candles, Jerry Maguire, The Notebook, and The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

It’s adorable to see Michael and Luisana portraying all of these famous couples. All the while, Michael is singing the lyrics of his new song, never taking his eyes off his wife.

Movies aren’t the only media referenced, however. The video alludes to Taylor Swift’s extended “All Too Well” short film. In a meta-twist, Buble also references one of his own music videos.

In the end, the couple finds themselves in a grocery store – the same one as in his “Haven’t Met You Yet” video. The biggest reveal is that Luisana is pregnant with their fourth child.

What a sweet tribute to his own love story to have his music video feature his lovely bride! You will enjoy watching this one again and again for all the epic love story references.

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Michael Buble’s “I’ll Never Not Love You” is a cute homage to romance in cinema