Michelle Obama Could’ve Used This Pug! How Eating Your Vegetables Was Made Adorable!

Animals like all kinds of weird food. It’s hard to tell what’s good for them and what’s not, though. I always have to guard my pizza when my cats are in the area. They love licking the grease. One of my relatives had a basset hound that loved buttered toast. Some foods can get them REALLY sick. NEVER give a dog or cat chocolate. It could be fatal. We get to see something safe here, though, when we see a pug named Toby devour a piece of broccoli, which gives dogs important nutrients like vitamin C.

The video shows a close-up of Toby’s daddy holding up a piece of broccoli. He studies it for a second, his eyes bulge excitedly, and then he greedily devours it. It’s an amazing sight. If this broccoli could talk, it would be screaming as Toby devours it bit by bit. I just created a nightmare scenario for you now, didn’t I? You’re welcome.

It’s always fun to see these animals when they realize their favorite snack is right there in front of them. There’s a brief pause like they are making sure that it’s not an illusion or hologram and then they lustily start eating. Some animals make pigs look genteel when they’re chowing down. The thing is, they typically eat pretty regimented foods, and anything out of the ordinary is cause for huge celebration – though these occasions shouldn’t be every day.

Toby surely looked greedily at his Daddy’s hand after that. It’s almost like that famous line from a well-known potato chip maker: You can’t just eat one. Hopefully there was more or this is going to be one sulky dog. Mommy and Daddy should be commended, though. They’re not just giving out processed doggie treats. They thought outside the box and here they are, feeding broccoli to a dog. It’d be interesting to be at the supermarket though: “You buy a lot of broccoli. You must really like it.” “Nah… it’s for my dog.” “…”

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