Michelle vs Melania’s White House Christmas decorations. Watch and compare

Not all people decorate their homes for Christmas the same way, right? Why would you? Christmas represents very different things to very different people. To some of us, we need to have the tree, tons of ornaments hanging everywhere, and of course, lights…. Lights everywhere (Insert Toy Story meme here). Some people like al lot of bright lights, Christmas figures everywhere and a Santa Claus complete with reindeers on the roof.

I remember recently watching a video of a German guy who loves to go all out on Christmas lights. He has somewhere around 500,000 Christmas lights set up and is looking to get to his goal of 1 million lights very soon. The video shows him and his son preparing and setting up the lights until everything is finished and you get to see the awesome result. All I can say is that it’s jaw-dropping.

When it comes to famous people, they truly go all out on their Christmas decorations, no expenses spared. I’ve been watching a lot of Christmas decorations videos, especially the ones that feature lights. I’ve always been a little obsessed with getting the perfect Christmas lights setup.

No matter how much I spend, the rich and famous manage to get the most epic setups. There are many videos of famous people’s houses and how they look and even though I consider myself a Christmas decorations connoisseur, I cannot find a single flaw to their setups.

Have you ever visited the White House at this time of year? Well, all I can say is that there’s a very long line, but it’s very worth the wait. I’ve been there only once, and it was during Obama’s mandate. All I can say is that Christmas is extra special in the White House. Each of the First Ladies get to participate and organize how the White House is decorated, so it is never decorated the same way, even during the same mandate.

When I was there during Obama’s time as President, the decorations had a little bit of the Obama family’s touch in every corner. Everything looked perfect and it really was. I recently ran across of a very interesting video that compares Michelle Obama’s decoration of the White House with Melania Trump’s style. The video features a split screen where it shows the same corners standing decorated in very different ways. What do you think each style reflects? Which style do you like the most? I won’t tell you which one is my favorite just yet!