Midnight Text From College Son Wakes Father, So He Gets Even.

Advances in technology seem to be coming faster and faster over the last two decades. We have come to a point where it is very close to impossible to imagine a world without smartphones, texting, and social media outlets.

I will often grab my smartphone upon waking and check to see what connections with the outside world have already begun.  Checking Facebook, Twitter, or just the weather is something that most of us do before we even start getting ready for work.

There is not much need left to have a separate alarm clock, camera, organizer, or calendar. Many have argued that this new dependency has actually made our communication worse. I have to disagree and say that I feel as if we are only beginning to understand what powers we now hold in your hands.  The ease of communication with family, especially parents, is creating so much fun!

With all that technology in one place, it’s no wonder that mistakes a plenty are made. Have any of us been able to avoid sending a message out to the wrong person at the wrong time? Not always so funny, but it’s a part of modern life. Even if a parent needs help to keep from tossing a so called “smart” phone across the room, they can all usually agree that it’s a great tool to keep in touch.  Sometimes, a late night communication between parent and child can result in extremely funny outcomes.

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