She Might Look Like A Normal Wedding Photographer, But Pay Attention To What She Says Next

Everyone I know loves weddings, whether they are part of the wedding party or just a guest. When my friend got married last year, she was so stressed out about the photographs, but she had a great photographer that put her at ease and took care of all the small details so she wouldn’t have to worry.  The woman featured in this video is also a photographer like that, and she must also be a comedian as well! This hilarious photographer is going to crack you up for sure, and I don’t think anyone could stress about pictures if they hired her.

This short yet hysterical clip was featured on the The Sketch Show. It is a British television sketch comedy program which features many of the leading British comedians in the world, and this clip is one of the best featured on the show. This show was aired on ITV between 2001 and 2004. It has won several awards like the “British Academy Television Award for Comedy and Comedy Entertainment Program.” Every time I see this, I wonder what happened to this hilarious photographer. I just want to hire her for at least one event.

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