When Mike Rowe joined this barbershop quartet, he stunned everyone with his voice

The sky’s the limit when it comes to the arts. With music in particular, there are so many genres that make it easy to discover new things all the time. Each era even has its own unique style and sound. Some of these styles have aged quite well. Barbershop quartets, for example, date back to the late 1800s in the United States, and people still love this type of performance and the music style to this day.

Lacking any instruments, the quartets consist of the lead, tenor, bass, and baritone vocalists performing a capella. Dedicated groups like the Barbershop Harmony Society continuously revive the genre, and performances like the one included below are sure to blow your mind! It’s amazing what can happen when you blend four incredible voices. These quartets perform songs of all kinds, putting a fun spin on classic hits and medleys. Their harmonies are like nothing else!

Forefront is the name of the quartet in the clip. Upon winning the 2016 International Quartet Championship, they performed a wonderful rendition of “Sweet And Lovely.” When they started to sing, they were joined onstage by a very surprising guest. You might be familiar with Mike Rowe’s work as the host of “Dirty Jobs,” but you probably had no idea that he holds an honorary lifetime membership with the Barbershop Harmony Society! Who knew the man could sing? They all sounded incredible together, and it sure made for a special show! It’s always fun to realize the hidden talents of celebrities we already know and love.

You aren’t going to want to miss this awesome performance. Just wait until you hear Mike Rowe’s voice for yourself! You’re going to be thoroughly impressed. Be sure to share this video with your friends, and don’t forget to leave your thoughts on the video clip down below!