“This Blind Pug Was Going To Euthanized, Until An Unlikely Savior Came To His Rescue… A MIRACLE!”

Mikey, the adorable pug, was born to be a tenor! Mikey’s story is truly amazing and an inspiration for all of us. Mikey was born with a severe case of glaucoma and both of his eyes had to be surgically removed. Mikey was almost euthanized but the Michigan Humane Society (MHS) stepped in and saved him.

Isn’t it a remarkable video?! Mikey really does look happy in the hands of his new owner, Judge Sabrina Johnson. It’s fascinating how Mikey doesn’t bump into things or walls, and adjusts super quickly to new environments.

But clearly the best part is when you hear him sing along with Sabrina. He’s so funny! And once Sabrina is done Mikey keeps singing, belting his heart out!

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