A Military band performs a Christmas classic, that’s so good it took me back. A must-see!

I am always looking for great songs and great singers on the Internet. I guess it has become a habit now, but I prefer to choose the way I am entertained as opposed to just watching what the television networks want me to see. I am a huge fan of the Military. My brother served 24 years in the Army, which has given me immense pride.

He went on quite a few tours and was stationed in a few places like Germany, Bosnia, Iraq, and South Korea. He is retired right now and has one of those very cool Veteran hats that they give them. He has many great memories and considers his fellow soldiers as brothers just as they consider him. We got to see him every time he was given a break and he would tell us about what the different countries looked like.

Since his retirement, he has focused on going back to civilian life. I can only imagine how big of a change this must be. Imagine you get used to living all your life a certain way, twenty-four years is a long time. He has just started working at a boot factory as a supervisor. He says it’s decent work and he’s had the chance of meeting quite a few nice people there.

When my brother got into the Army, I started to read a lot of books on it. My brother even brought me a few of them. I loved the part where you can join the Army and work in a specific area of expertise. Doctors, for example, are very sought after. If you like this field, you can go to the University and get your degree. Then, you can use that to help all our soldiers who need medical assistance in the field.

I was pretty familiar with the fact that Armed Forces like the Navy have various areas where their members get to do other things. Being a sports fan, I remember hearing about a basketball player who would be known as “The Admiral.” He dominated the courts back then and became the NBA’s Most Valuable Player. After seeing him perform, I wondered what other activities the Navy had.

One thing I didn’t know they had was a band. That’s right! They have a band with an orchestra and all the works. The next video features the Navy Band and has a superb quartet of singers. They had heard that singers nowadays don’t do things the ‘old fashioned way’. So, they decided to take us back with their music, and boy, did they do it! Sit back and listen to The Navy Band perform the Christmas classic “White Christmas,” and be the witness of how great these brave men sound!