Military family lives mortgage-free in mobile tiny house

Tiny house

Host Bryce Langston presents an episode of ‘Living Big in a Tiny House.’ This clip features a military family that found a solution to being moved from base to base. Russell and Sarah are parents to two girls, and they decided to live tiny.

Military family

New Zealand housing prices are high compared to America. The family had saved up for a home. Still, due to the average house price rising to $350,000 over the previous year, they could not afford anything.

They were inspired by the show and built their tiny house for $150,000. It is built on wheels if Russell and Sarah have to relocate with the military.

Tiny house

The modern home has a large outdoor porch. The family enjoys spending time outdoors. Indoors, they sacrificed an indoor living room so each girl could have their own bedroom and the couple could have their own space.

The kitchen is spacious for a tiny home, and it has an oven and a washer for clothes and dishes. There are surprisingly plenty of cabinets. In the bathroom, they have a composting toilet and a stand-up shower.

Tiny house

There’s an upstairs featuring the girls’ bedrooms. The roof is very low, but they have enough space for their own bed and storage. The family loves the tiny home because it is easier to clean too.

‘Living Big in a Tiny House’ always features ways families can save money and possibly live without a mortgage payment. This episode showcases the mobility and financial security that a tiny home can provide.

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