Military German Shepherd Loses Leg. The Government Finally Does Right Thing For Her.

Police and military dogs do a lot to help protect this country. They sacrifice as much as their human counterparts do, sometimes even more. While those who are in charge of this country can be really shoddy in their treatment of wounded veterans, it’s even worse for these service animals. But this video shows, at least one of them was recently rewarded for their sacrifice: Lucca, a German Shepherd.

The video has a lot of soldiers who worked with Lucca telling about what it was like to have her among them in a war zone. They tell of her bravery and courage. They also tell of how fast she recovered after losing her leg to a roadside bomb in Afghanistan. We see her being brought home for a ceremony and her receiving her medal four years later. The explosion happened in 2012 and Lucca was recognized in ’16.

Dogs are amazingly loyal. This makes them especially fit in well in a military environment, since that is one of the most prized traits among soldiers. There is ultimate trust in knowing that one would lay down their life to help another. Lucca was doing that when helping out in battle. Another cherished trait is resilience. That was something else that really impressed her platoonmates after the incident.

Chances are good that she wasn’t sitting around moping that she didn’t get a medal. She already had transitioned to a forever home and was living a peaceful life. Still, the government sometimes drags its feet recognizing its human soldiers. To have to wait this long to get the Dickin Medal, that was poor effort on their part. But now she can live out her days knowing that she got that recognition.

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