A Million Moments Caught Without Our Consent! An Emotional Take on The Goodness of Humanity.

Some moments aren’t scripted, or seen by a large group. Some moments can be private, and held close as acts of kindness, moments of joy or extreme happiness, or even moments of empathy or caring for your fellow living beings. Whenever we are at our lowest or riding a wave of feeling great, we think we are alone. We think no one will remember this great victory of progress. However, the terrible truth is that someone has recorded our victories and our downfalls. Our accidents and mistakes, and many of them happen without our knowledge.

This heart felt collaboration of awesome moments was unfortunately taken without their knowledge. It was compiled to bring a light-hearted message of togetherness and shows that being a good person isn’t hard. Random acts of kindness do great things for your mood, as well as your brain.

It takes about ninety some odd days or around 3 months, for an action or habit to change into a behavior. That means doing it every day and as often as you can. Being a good person comes naturally to some. Meanwhile, others must work at it. The message shows that when people are watching or not watching, we all have the capacity deep down to care about our fellow planet inhabitants. It’s all about the choices we make and how we want to define ourselves as people.

With every action, we make, we either strengthen or weaken that behavior. Consistently being a conscious person, mindful of their surroundings takes practice. It may be a bit harder, but overall allowing those who don’t force believes, morals, or ideas onto us gives them the chance to be who they are. I believe that while timing and place is important, it isn’t the underlying factor.

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