Millions have fallen in love with this dad’s voice when he’s singing “Simple Man.”

There are many talented people in America. The only question is how you find them or how they get discovered. Fortunately, singing competitions like America’s Got Talent have served such purpose. They have given a lot of people the chance of showing the world their talent. Once they have performed, they are called in for other auditions, shows, and even record deals! What more can you ask for? If you are a person who wasn’t even going to make it if it hadn’t been for them.

But not everyone who is talented wants to go and audition at one of the castings they hold across America. There are people who don’t even want to be famous. For them, being able to sing for themselves and their families is good enough. They are happy and have no plans for trying to reach stardom. Maybe because they are too shy or have other goals. I remember many years ago when Justin Bieber was discovered after one artist watched several of his videos. He saw that Justin was a kid who loved singing and it showed. He contacted Justin and the rest is history.

Many people have been discovered in a similar way. You may remember the phenomenal singer that was first discovered not so long ago. His daughter secretly filmed him singing Tennessee Whiskey in the car. As soon as she uploaded the video, it went viral and landed the amateur singer on the Ellen Degeneres Show. It was a video which was intended for family and friends. But when all the world got to listen to Kris Jones, the talented dad got a call from Ellen inviting him on her show. Since then, people got to know more about him and his music.

Jones plans on auditioning for The Voice. We are pretty sure he’ll knock it out of the park. I found another video of his that he filmed before ever appearing on The Ellen Show. This song is blowing people away. He dedicates this song to his wife.

For this one, he is not driving anymore. He has pulled off the side of the highway and is sitting in his truck. He explains that he just received a call from his wife asking him to sing one particular song. Even though he was not that known for his singing just yet, he takes time to say a few words to the camera.

He says he hopes he can make it onto The Ellen Show. Now that I know he did make it there, it makes it extra nice to watch. Get ready to watch one of the sweetest performances you have ever seen. This guy is all talent and sings each song with his heart. You will be able to feel the love and warmth he puts into this song, guaranteed!