Millions Watch Man Comfort Bear After a Hard Day

As humans, we can experience a variety of emotions throughout the day. While we may wake up tired and upset, our mornings can quickly turn around to give us an enjoyable rest of the afternoon. Animals are the same way and can experience emotions very intensely.

At the Orphaned Wildlife Center in Otisville, New York, a huge bear was slumped over, looking quite depressed. The owners of the center, Jim and Susan, noticed that the big creature need some tender loving care.

The 1500-Kodiak bear is named Jimbo, and he’s the largest bear the Orphaned Wildlife Center has, and he lived to be in his twenties. While Jimbo has since passed away, he and Jim had a very close bond.

Jim and Susan treated these massive creatures as if they were their own children. Whenever they were having a bad day, they’d get cuddles, a few words of affirmations, and an extra treat or two to help lift their spirits.