Mini Horse Brings Joy To A Children’s Hospital

Research has proven that animals can have a positive healing effect on humans, and there’s nothing sweeter than seeing an animal provide comfort and love to sick children. But when we think of therapy animals, we most often think of dogs, like a Labrador or Golden Retriever. Not in this case. This clip shows a truly unique therapy animal, but he’s just as effective as a dog.

At Our Children’s House at Baylor, a team of little horses brings their special love where it is needed most. In the video, Tristan, one of the tiny ponies, visits a boy named Logan who’d been undergoing chemotherapy. Imagine his delight when an adorable mini horse walked into his hospital room. Although the boy was very weak, the horse seemed to know that Logan needed a special touch to let him know that everything would be okay. The pony lightly nudges the little boy’s feet in a playful way, knowing Logan needed his spirits lifted with a gentle touch.

The horse’s name is Spirit, and it seems to be a perfect name for this little horse, because he raises everyone’s spirits when he enters the room. It is so beautiful to see the animal establish a bonding rapport with this little boy in order to help him recover.

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