Mini Horse Plays Happily Outside, But You Won’t Believe Everyone’s Reaction When She Does This

Animals all around are adorable, however there are some breeds of animals that beat all of the other species in cuteness factor. I think we can all agree that tiny versions of already adorable animals, such as this mini horse, are the best entertainment after a long hard day at work. This clip is the perfect pick me up!

Miniature horses are some of the prettiest creatures that have ever come into existence. In the video that you’ll see below, we see a very jolly and cheerful mini horse named Charlie, who is from Queensland, Australia, the place where this video was recorded. As her caretakers mention, she is always happy and energetic, and she gathers all of the attention wherever she goes thanks to her good looks and amazing charm. We sometimes think that only dogs can have such charisma and magnetic personalities, but you will see in the video that isn’t true. Many species can charm and beguile us.

When you watch the following clip, you’ll catch a glimpse of what it’s like to be Charlie, the most beautiful miniature horse in the world, that we know of. Despite her size, she has quite an attitude and an energy that establish her as the best mini horse ever. You’ll be delighted by her when you see her incredible story!

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