Mini Horse Sebastian Has Been Through Rough Living. Now He’s Grinning Ear-To-Ear. Awesome!

We’ve all seen tragic cases of mistreatment that seem to ignite a fire underneath us. We are compelled to act, for we see injustice and moments that aren’t quite fair. It’s during those moments that we look deep within and we must act. We must push forward and do what is right, in the face of adversity and justice. This is like the story of Sebastian the mini horse.

When we first see Sebastian, the first thing we notice is his living conditions. His living conditions would make anyone cringe, with no water and no shelter it’s hard to imagine someone would leave him in this scenario. But it doesn’t stop there, there’s more his previous owners fell short on. Not only his living conditions but his actual health and state of health would make anyone weep.

When we first see Sebastian, we notice one of his eyes is bright white. His face is disfigured and one of his legs has been messed with. He also was reported to have been beaten and had a brain infection/ injury. So, this poor guy has really had neglect dealt to him in a big way. When it came to rescuing him, you can surely see it in his actions. He avidly avoids human contact and tends to be skittish. However, once rescued? The reaction from Sebastian will leave you grinning for the rest of the day.

What did you think of Sebastian’s tragic story? I’m glad he’s rescued now, but before he was I couldn’t believe someone would do that to such defenseless animal. We’d love to hear from you. Please leave us a “Like” on Facebook, share this story to spread awareness to a family member or friend and don’t forget to leave your thoughts and feelings in the comment section below. We appreciate your patronage and we appreciate you. Thank you.

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