Mini Pinscher Jumps On Bed Near Sleeping Baby. My Jaw Dropped At What He Did For Her.

Animals can amaze us a lot of the time – doing thing that we had no idea that they could do. Hopefully, none of those times were malicious pranks… still, I’ve seen a lot of cool videos over the years, with many of them appearing on David Letterman. This video here, though, is not a “Stupid Pet Trick” of anytime. It’s a display of caring for a young baby. You just have to watch it to see…

We see a baby sleeping on a blanket that’s on a bed. She’s deep in dreamland. A doggie, a miniature pinscher, sees that she’s not covered and decides to rectify that. No, he doesn’t lay on her himself… he takes the blanket and wraps her up so that she feels nice and snug inside. It’s an amazing gesture by the dog and I can’t believe how fast he is in accomplishing this pretty unique trick.

I wonder if this is just instinct on the dog’s part or if his mommy or daddy thought it would be a fun thing for him to learn. If that’s the case, it probably was the daddy’s idea. Guys will think of ANYTHING that can make an activity like this go even faster. The dog is quite adept at the task and isn’t hesitating at all. He’s like an all-in-one motor racing pit crew in action. It’s fascinating to watch.

Though it does look like the effort might be going to naught – the baby’s eyes clearly open at the end of the video. Of course, the doggie doesn’t know that he’s jostling the bed as he’s doing all this tucking in… he can only concentrate on one thing, darn it! Though I’m sure that the baby probably felt so good being wrapped up in that way that she probably just blinked once or twice and dozed right back off.

There is a ZERO chance that my cats could do anything like that. They might cuddle near my son, but that’s about it. Have you had a pet that did anything similar? Tell us all about it in the comments section!

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