A Miniature Horse And A Cat Live In A Farm Together, And They’re Already Best Friends!

We’re all animal lovers here, so it’s very hard for us to believe that there are actual, real people out there that don’t consider animals to have real feelings or a soul like people do. After all, there’s countless evidence of the love that every type of animal has to give to everyone around them, and in the video that we put below for you, we can see much more evidence of it, in the form of a beautiful friendship between a cat and a miniature horse! Cats aren’t usually recognized for their friendliness, as dogs usually steal the spotlight when it comes to that, but the kitty in this video shows us otherwise.

It’s usual for animals to run away from each other when they don’t recognize the species, but for this curious cat, it was completely different. Mango, as the orange furry friend is called, can be seen approaching a very tiny and adorable horse called Piper, and even though they’re nothing alike, that doesn’t stop the cat from petting the little horse and befriending him instantly. They’ll surely have the time of their lives every day that they spend together living on their farm with the other animals!

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