Miracle baby survives wrapped inside a special plastic bag.

Giving birth to a child is the most wonderful thing in the world, the day when you earn the title of father or mother and a new member of the family is being born. Despite all the natural problems involved in this activity, once the baby is born you forget about everything. The screams and the hard efforts of mother and son quickly transform into a quiet peace, knowing that the new love of your life is completely safe wrapped in your arms.

It doesn’t matter if is a girl or a boy, the only thing you really wish for the baby is a lot of health. As we know not everybody receives the blessing of a good health when they are born, the slightest complication during the process can affect severely the way our baby is going to live. Such was the case of an Australian couple that endured difficult problems during the birth of their third child.

Brodie Moles and Lilly Munro were like any other couple of their age; they were patiently waiting for the birth of their new son Lennox. Unfortunately, in the 24th week of pregnancy Lilly began to feel sick and immediately knew that something wrong was happening. After they rushed into a hospital, the doctor performed an ultrasound test and found that the baby was having troubles with his heart. They needed to do an emergency procedure to get the baby out prematurely and help him improve his condition.

The odds were not in their favor, the medical staff of the hospital gave them 50% of chances to survive. Miraculously, Lennox was birth weighting the incredible amount of 800 grams. To help the baby the doctors used a special type of plastic to wrap him up and maintain the temperature on his body, according to them this treatment was strictly necessary before they could place him inside an incubator. After a while, they plugged him into several tubes and hoses that allowed him to brief more easily. It was a rare and overwhelming image to everybody, especially for his mom.

Fortunately for him, these doctors had an enormous amount of experience in cases like this one. A lot of attention was given to him but the situation was rather delicate to the point of staying at the hospital for 111 days. Brodie and Lilly traveled almost every day in order to support their son in this battle for survival, sometimes they took turns because they had other children to take care of. The most critical aspect of all was the breast milk, this was essential for the baby in order to develop a good immune system and grow strong.

Several weeks after they were in a financial distress due to the extensive bill they owed to the hospital, but no matter how difficult this situation was they managed to gather the money. They posted the story of their son online and started to receive anonymous donations from people all around the globe, thanks to their help and the effort of the doctors this baby boy survived. As Lilly expressed: “These doctors are above and beyond… The nurses in here are amazing.”

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