Miracle Child Born After 55 Days Of Death. Doctors Perform Miracle! I Couldn’t Believe My Eyes!

When parents-to-be find out the good news that they are expecting to bring a child into this world, they are over the moon. But for this Polish couple, the news was bittersweet. A 41 year old woman found out that she had a brain tumor. Surgery could be done to cure her, but she was afraid that her unborn child would be affected and declined to have any treatment done. This was both sad yet sweet as this decision had a fatal effect on her.

One day, she collapsed and was taken to the hospital where it was revealed that her brain was dead. However, the scans showed signs of life – from the unborn child growing within her and the doctors decided to extend the mother’s life so that the baby could reach a minimum safe term of 25 weeks.

55 days passed by, while a team of neurosurgeons, anesthesiologists, gynecologists and neonatologists worked around the clock to ensure that the baby remained healthy even though he was still inside his brain dead mother.  It was no easy task as the team had to constantly battle a barrage of infections and disorders that plagued the mother’s body.

The father did what any dad would do. He read his unborn son stories, counting down the days to when he would finally be united with his son. When the 25 week time frame arrived, a caesarean was done on the mother.

Even doctors say this is a miracle child as he weighed only 1 kilogram when he was born. Placed in an incubator for the next three months of his tiny life, he was monitored around the clock while residing in intensive care. Soon, the baby weighed a healthy 3 kgs and his dad was able to bring his son home. His father spent an incredible 145 days waiting patiently, day after day, in the hospital, waiting for the day when he could hold his son in his arms.

The bittersweet tale of the mother who cared so much about her unborn child that she lost her own, and for the father who lost his wife but gained a son. Death and life is such a huge part of the circle of life. What did you think of the video? Did it move you as it moved me? We would love to hear from you. Please send us your messages and thoughts in the comments section!

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