Miranda Lambert Brings Down The House With Emotional Performance Of ‘Bathroom Sink’

They say all’s fair in love and war. While we’re not sure how true this is, it does seem that love can feel like a battleground at times. Miranda Lambert went through a very public and rocky divorce from Blake Shelton not long ago, so it probably packed a punch when she heard her ex was officially dating Gwen Stefani.

But women like Lambert don’t get sad, they get even. And the best way to get even is to be amazing, even without the guy in tow. Which is why her remarkable performance of “Bathroom Sink”, just hours after the news about Blake and Gwen went public, is so fitting. She proves she can rock, no matter what the circumstances.

Lambert took to the stage with her signature pink guitar and freshly dyed pink hair, looking every inch the county rock star that she is. She surprised the audience with this particularly intense version of what is a normally tame ballad, a great outlet for the wild emotions that come post-breakup.

The song is all about facing the public and putting on a brave face, even when life seems to be in chaos. Lambert has proven she’s a pro at keeping herself pulled together, and while she did seem to tear up in the middle of her performance, she pulled it off with flying colors. Way to go, Miranda!

Watch Miranda’s intense performance of “Bathroom Sink” in the video below!

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