Mirror images of ourselves: babies and a dance party in this mineral water ad

Combining babies and a dance party was the winning formula for Evian. The bottle water brand produced a hilarious and really cute commercial in which adults regress in a highly unusual way.

The story of Evian water goes back to 1789 and a spring near the southern edge of Lake Geneva. Count Jean-Charles de Laizer was out for a walk and drank from that spring, located on land owned by Gabriel Crachat. He noticed that the mineral water was not only refreshing and good tasting, but it helped his kidney and liver problems. The water from Crachat’s spring soon developed a reputation for its beneficial effects and within a decade people were flocking to the site to partake of the waters.

The region became part of France in 1860 and four years later, the town was renamed Evian-les-Bains. In 1908, Evian water began to be sold commercially in glass bottles. Although not really out of reach of ordinary consumers, the water has frequently been seen as a luxury item. For instance, it had a place in Agatha Christie’s “Murder on the Orient Express” and is today popular with Hollywood celebrities.

The spring is fed by water from the French Alps. It takes about 15 years for the water to make its way from the mountains, traveling through various sands (which filter it naturally). Whatever the actual health benefits of the water, there’s no question that it’s pure, top-quality mineral water. Interestingly, in light of the commercial, Evian has long been a top seller of water purchased for babies.

Evian’s “Baby & Me” commercial is posted below. Adults walk by a reflective storefront window that obviously has magical properties: the reflections they see are themselves as toddlers! As they move, so the toddler in the mirror moves. It’s almost like the famous nightshirt scene in the Marx Brothers’ “Duck Soup.” A whole group of people gathers and a dance party breaks out!

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