Mischievous Baby Grabs Her Mommy’s Phone. What She Does Next With It? HYSTERICAL.

Kids, especially babies, are full of mischief. If you leave something unattended… it will be gone when you turn around. I’m talking about harmless stuff, you should have all sharp objects and things they can swallow out of reach, right? That’s not cute. That’s dangerous. I’m talking about things like the scenario in this video where a mommy left something big and bulky out in front of her daughter.

We see a baby girl apparently picking up her mommy’s phone, with the camera on the reverse view… the one where people can take selfies. She starts running around with it, as evidenced by the room starting to jump and down. The mommy takes off in half-hearted chase, probably because she’s laughing so hard at what her baby daughter did. She’ll have to keep a closer eye on her phone from now on.

It’s a cute video, though it does have a “Cloverfield” and “Blair Witch Project” feel from the hand-held camera point of view. If you are prone to motion-sickness too, you might want to reconsider watching this. Even though it’s short, the herky-jerky motion of the baby girl running with the camera might set off something with people ‘s inner ear. Otherwise, you should be fine watching it.

There’s just so much joy in this baby as she runs around with mommy’s phone. The motion and the expression on her face as she does it tells it all. It will also probably set her up for doing video conferencing with mommy in two or three years. This could all just be considered training for her for when she gets older. I’m sure that she’s going to see this one until she gets sick and tired of watching it. It’s like vacation photos…

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