Mischievous bored cat messing with sleeping big brother. Hilarious!!!

They say let sleeping dogs lie. But what about slumbering cats? Well, things took a funny turn on what seemed like a very normal thing. Two cats were in a house and one decided that it was nap time. Lost in deep sleep, he didn’t notice the other cat of the house trying to get his attention.

It looks like the younger one is just being his naughty self and trying to disturb his elder brother. What really cracks me up are his expressions. It’s like he couldn’t figure out what the sleeping cat was doing or if he even understood that the cat was fast asleep. In a very dog like expression, he tilts his head to one side, as if curious.

They say curiosity killed the cat, but in this case, it adage was not true as the ginger cat tries to pat the other to wake up. Watch him as he continuously hits his paw on the other cat’s head in an attempt to wake up. The napping kitty is oblivious to all efforts to wake him up. He probably had a long day but after a few tries, he does get up and you see his jaw open wide in a huge yawn.

He settles himself sleepily and looks at the world through drowsy eyes and then pounces off the seat he was lounging on. This video was so entertaining. Did you watch the video? What did you think of it? Write to us and let us know in the comments section below and don’t forget to SHARE the video with your animal loving friends!