Missing their mom, poor baby foxes just want to be loved

This remarkable footage from the Secret World Wildlife Rescue center shows heroic animal rescuers working on the front line.

At the Secret World Wildlife Rescue, a team of animal specialists is working night and day to save orphaned red foxes and prepare them for a successful life in the wild.

This impressive video, produced by BBC Earth, showcases the efforts that these rehabilitation experts take every to find, raise, and release foxes so they have a fighting chance to survive.

It is a noble and challenging position, but these experts show the compassion and animal expertise to save lives – especially because the youngest fox orphans come into the world blind and deaf.

The best thing that the animal rescuers do for the foxes is to build up their strength without making them too dependent on humans, which is a critical distinction.

For anyone wanting to learn more about these incredible heroes and the remarkable animals they serve on a daily basis, this video is a great place to start.

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