Missionary Sisters dance a spiritual hula to the Hawaiian song ‘Halleluia’

Missionary Sisters dancing

When thinking about religion, one may not unite missionary work and hula dancing in the same context. But this is how one creative Sister decided to join her community during recent times.

After learning that her trainer had previously performed a Tongan dance, Sister Camacho had the incredible idea of joining hula with her missionary work in Independence, Missouri. Sister Camacho from O’ahu, Hawaii, wanted to express her Hawaiian culture and Christian work with the community.

Sister Camacho settled on performing a Hawaiian version of Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah.’ She, alongside another Hawaiian missionary, choreographed the hula to Kuana Torres Kahele’s song ‘Halleluia.’ They made sure that the movements accompanied the meaning of the song.

Missionary Sisters dancing

In the emotionally driven performance, five of the sisters from the Church of Jesus Christ in Blue Springs dance with grace and beauty as the words of Kuana Torres Kahele envelop the room.

The performance has received over 143 thousand views on the church’s Facebook page, almost two thousand likes, and has more than three hundred comments thanking the sisters for their beautiful rendition.

People have indicated that it shows the magic and beauty of praising the Lord. The sisters hope that everyone can feel the spirit by watching their performance as they tried to internalize that emotion through their movements.

Ultimately, Sister Camacho hopes that this will help many to feel Christ and his light. The beautiful project has also aided the sister in sharing and preserving her Hawaiian culture.